Mark & Kyoko is pleased to present Shanghai Gesture, Juliette Bonneviot’s first solo show in Berlin. Through a process of articulating a particular Chinese methodology, Bonneviot assumes the role of the Exote, creating an atmosphere wherein objects undergo exodes via diffusions, reenactments, or translations within a virtual space. A bootleg painting of Ed Rucha’s Things Oriental (1985) acts as an admission of Bonneviot’s own misappropriation through the role she assumes in romanticizing this specific Chinese sensibility.


Traveling Priest

The Apparition of Mother Gin-Sling in the form of a Girl


I am an itinerant priest.

Far East I go.

[ He turns towards the gate, indicating that he has already arrived. ]

A high percentage of manufactured goods are being produced here.

[ The Girl enters. She stands at the ghost-position and faces the musicians. ]


What use was it to come here?



Initial designs, copyrights,

Most of the west’s "things" may have originated in the Occident,

But their variations and successive forms,

Will be interbred with the residues of Asian experiences,

Asian histories and philosophical dispositions.


Ahh -- how I loathe the attachment.

That makes me go back and forth,

Again and again on my journey

Through this world.


Mineralized experience of the West

Is significantly Asian in composition.

Materialization of the West

Today takes place in the Far East.

[The Girl advances to stage front. She gazes at the gate. ]


A dim glow shines from inside:

I wonder if the longing within me

Reveals itself outwardly?

As I pass to and fro through this gate

I seem to wander on the path of delusion.

(edited from a text by Timur Si-Qin and a Noh theatre play Nonomiya)


Shanghai Gesture mix (Shanghai Gesture series), mix of diverse lift musics: exotic/asian texture music, bright/optimistic and anger/agression texture music

Ed Ruscha Things Oriental 3X-I,  2011, oil on canvas, 220 x 150 cm

Naked Option, 2011, video, 2'31''

Exotic Alcôve, 2010, Vezuvio Ultrasonic Atomizer/Aroma Diffuser, unisex synthetic human pheromones, mini photo studio soft box cube, 40x40x40cm

Aluminium Mesh Sheets, 2011, c-print on metallic paper with aluminium frame

Rush Hour 1 and 2 on display, 2011, indigo, gingko, ink squid and ginseng, hibiskus tea, modular aluminium structure, 100x160x40cm

Medal of Honor Pollock Seven Red Paintings, 2011, oil on canvas, 300x190cm (image courtesy: Wilkinson Gallery)